StrawJi is a decorative clip made to accommodate straws and clips on to any glass or cup. We specialize in customizing Strawjis for entertainment such as birthdays, holidays, weddings or any social or special event. The Strawji can also be used to brand company logos as a swag gift or used as promotional item. Can be sold as a novelty item. Any image and for any occasion.

Promotional messages can be added in a custom order with any image. We are targeting hotels, bars restaurants or any venue or business. It’s for all ages. Kids love Strawji and they love straws that’s why the Strawji stands out from the rest. It is a unique patented idea for the food and beverage industry. It is reusable, recyclable and interchangeable. We sell our Strawjis with recyclable plastic straws but any customer can use it with any straw they prefer.


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