• Boundless Adventures in Purchase NY
Boundless Adventures
It's All About Altitude

As a family-owned business located in Purchase, NY, we are a great alternative to a more traditional party.

Glow photos – photo credit: Family Road Traveled

We are an “aerial adventure park” consisting of over 110 platforms installed in the trees and connected by various configurations of cable, wood, and rope to form bridges and zip lines.  Groups of these bridges or “elements” link together to form separate trails through the trees.  Although every trail has zip lines on them, there is more fun than just zip lining to be had!  There are nine trails in total, for ages seven to adult, with challenge levels suitable for every age and skill level- from beginner to expert.  Each person selects the trails they want and climb at their own pace.

We offer private parties for up to 250 participants. We can assist in the catering for your event.  Full electricity is available to allow for music or a montage video.

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Boundless Adventures 735 Anderson Hill Road in Harrison, NY 914-629-2721